And we crawl and we crawl and we crawl!

What's uuuuup~? Long time no post, yeah?

And I bring you such a meager batch, all KHR and so much character bias it hurts.

So behind this cut? Just all Lambo... and probably more when I get to more colouring. But this is it for now, so enjoy my love of incrediderp.

-Katekyo Hitman Reborn

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I can't even rewind the tape machine for your drunken reasoning


Part two will come along very soon, I just know I'll get lazy is I don't at least post some of them up along the way. orz orz orz.

As you can tell, lazy has already befallen me by using LJ's posting image table thing, it's shotty and won't let me select four rows as an option :| LAME.

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Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums

Pic spam time~ I've never had a chance to do one of these, so it should be fun! /o

Go ahead and post with images you'd like to see icon'd, preferably not something I'd have to colour as my ability to do as much lately has been non-existent. Or if you do have a black and white scan, go ahead and post it to see what I could do without colouring it. Either or. I could work with most anything, not limited to only anime/manga/cartoons.

What I want, you can't handle

Editing the HTML was too much again, and once you click past the cut you'll see exactly why... or you could see from the summary of what's in this post.

Game CGs were from over in the DLF forums, visit otome_no_dolci to find out more of how to gain access to them /o/ The Alice screencaps were taken by myself, if anyone wants them just holler out. Otherwise, I have both parts of the special uploaded on my personal journal heartaddiction, it's public so no need to add

12 Pandora Hearts
127 Clover no Kuni no Alice
122 Alice

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(no subject)

Okay~ so this confirms I haven't up and died or anything |D I know, right? That thought suddenly coming to mind.

If you take a look around the journal you'll notice I did some organizational stuff and whatevs, no big difference really. Now, I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to repost those ponyo screencaps. That explanation’s coming up now too.

As for the big gap in posting... Well, I actually had a nice batch going, and then my external HD died on me, everything gone /o/ I'm not really as torn up about it as I should be, it was just an "eh. Whatever." moment, but I didn't have much motivation to do anything to make up for it either.

Well then, since then I've had another batch just brewing up... or rather I just kept making icons here and there and now there's a massive post.

I didn't feel like doing extra coding, or organizing them... or anything, so this is just a huge hogepog of icons, all 118 of them. I'll list the series in the tags.


My guidelines are the same as usual, just don't claim you did the work and... that's it. I don't demand credit or anything. Although, there's a few Pandora Hearts icons that were coloured by kairi_hearts, and those ones will be marked as so if you hover over them. ENJOY!

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we just can't pretend that lovers make amends

So what we have here are several doujin I've scanned from the KHR series, namely one of the stranger pairings... then again, much like with any fandom, most pairings are odd anyway |D I'm not gonna lie to you, some of the storylines are rather lacking, though I enjoy the School Dayz series for the antics and I have no idea but school and office type AU settings tend to make me LAWL like no other. IUNNO

Why are these here you ask? Simply so I could keep better tabs on these titles when people ask for re-uploads. I still need to hunt down that Zero moodtheme to re-up. But that's another story.

All of these are untranslated, I don't care what you do with the scans hereafter, I'm not a stickler for bugging about credit since it's not like I'll ever care enough to hunt around for it. And if you're interested, trinity_mafia scanlated the first School Dayz release here, so have at it if you're interested.

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it's hard to say what I see in you

So hey, sup, long time no post, right?


All new look, same great fruitchew taste. Ooo and aaah as I just use someone else's coding, because code monkey is not working harder than she has to.

Okay, we're through with that. This... THIS. This is months of me saying “I'll totally get to it tomorrow. Totally.” and never getting to it Instead, I allowed the post build up to something horrendous.

I... I have nothing else to say, putting this together has nearly killed me already :|

Toki o Kakeru Shoujo ♪ o8
Loveless ♪ o8
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 6o
Bleach ♪ 21
Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 ♪ o9
Bolt! ♪ 1o
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch ♪ 18
Shugo Chara! ♪ o9
Urusei Yatsura ♪ o7
Maria†Holic ♪ o6
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki ♪ o6
Soul Eater ♪ o4
Lucky Star ♪ o1
Hoshi wa Utau ♪ o2
Pandora Hearts ♪ o4
Toradora ♪ o4
Zone-00 ♪ o4
Kannagi ♪ o3
Kaiba ♪ o7
Pepé Le Pew ♪ o3
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei ♪ o1

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Ever since I was a boy, I wanted to be like Roger Moore

Well then, let's see... this is more of like a mix-up batch, right?

More like icons I made for personal use and funsies, then decided to share... also, I've been in the horrible habit of scrapping batches right in the middle of working on 'em |D I have like... a ton of half-finished icons. I should do something about that... probably.maybe... for now you get this :D
o9 BLEACH (mostly Sun-Sun)
o8 GUMMI BEARS (all Gusto)
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